About US

Welcome to SECURITY without obscurity.

Augusta Locksports, founded in 2015, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational group, dedicated to increasing the knowledge of physical security by educating and training how physical barriers operate, are constructed, and can be bypassed. We feel that it is our mission to spread the knowledge of how important physical security is for personal use, as a first layer of cyber-security training, and as a hobby to puzzle-loving enthusiasts.

Augusta Locksports does not condone the use of lockpicking for illegal use. We only pick locks that we own and locks that are not in use. Any lockpicking done on locks that are in use are done with the permission of the owner at the risk of breaking the lock.
We can own and use lockpicking tools under Georgia Code ยง 16-7-20.

The Details

We teach everywhere

Meetings, Conventions, Maker Faires, Special Events

Scheduled Meetings

We plan meetups both in Augusta and Atlanta every few months that are open to all.

Lockpick Villages

At conventions, Maker Faires, and exhibitions we set up our Lockpick Village to teach tons of people at once.


With scheduled classroom events, both professionals and laypersons can learn about physical security.

Private Events

Want to amaze your guests? They can leave having learned a new skill, or maybe pick up a new hobby.

The Endorsements

Mark Baggett

Love @lockFALE and @PickAugusta. Because it's fun and they good people who are eager to help novices (like me).

Mike Judd

Thanks to @PickAugusta for coming to @360smartnet to educate us about lockpicking. Great fun!

BSides Springfield

Krissy is a kick-ass lady! She taught me how to pick handcuffs!