So you want to learn to pick Locks?

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Learning comes from repetition so we meet monthly to give our members a chance to learn more about physical security.

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We attend local and out of state events to expose others to our hobby. Would like Augusta Locksports to put on a Lockpick Village at your event?

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We provide a wide array of lockpick supplies, which you can purchase at one of our events or straight from the website.

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Welcome tosecurity without obscurity!

Augusta Locksports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational group, dedicated to increasing the knowledge of physical security by educating and training how physical barriers to entry operate, are constructed, and can be bypassed.

Augusta Locksports does not condone the use of lockpicking for illegal use. We only pick locks that we own and locks that are not in use. Any lockpicking done on locks that are in use are done with the permission of the owner at the risk of breaking the lock. We can own and use lockpicking tools under Georgia Code § 16-7-20.


Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and to help with events where Augusta Locksports is teaching. We are usually involved with at least one event a month and the more members that can attend, the more fun the event turns out to be. Membership is not necessary to attend monthly meetings or events, but does help with our operating costs.


TOOOL Georgia

Augusta Locksports is proud to host the Georgia chapter of TOOOL (The Open Organization of Lockpickers)! Membership with Augusta Locksports includes a TOOOL membership as well, and comes with all the benefits that they offer.

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Our Awesome Team

Rory Rezzelle

Founder & CEO

Rory has way too much interest in locks for his own good. How locks work just really interests him.

Krissy Rezzelle


Can escape handcuffs faster than Houdini. Give her a bobby pin and she’ll be out of them faster than you can say boo!

Greg McAlister


Secret spy techniques are Greg’s passion. He’s like MacGuyver for locks. And he makes us beer.